No menu bar in libreoffice/firefox

16.10 Alpha 2 30. July 16
The menu bar in libreoffice is gone.
It works after uninstall libreoffice-gtk package but looks ugly. Libreoffice-gtk3 is not working, too.

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I can confirm this.

There is an old launch bug (16.04), but a fix released.

Maybe time to file a new bug report.


Also; there is no menu bar in FireFox either!. :frowning:

I think FF has another problem. Have you noticed it has not updated to the latest version.

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You can activate mate-HUD. HUD is working well with libreoffice, even if you don’t see the menu. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Holgerrpl,

maybe you can shed some llight on this thread about HUD please?:

Hi @anon42388993,

to be honest I didn’t check the version number but it was working (Menu was available) before I did any updates to 16.10?. :confused:

Same here :slight_smile:

Worked before an update.