No sound after replacing PulseAudio with Alsamixer

Hi all! Had no sound on mike in skype in Ubuntu16.10 (as well as in the previous 16.04). Read a suggestion to replace PulseAudio with Alsamixer. Did that. Now there is no sound at all. How do I get the sound back? I’m a complete newbie to the world of Linux, so, less technically involved / more simple solutions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Please, read this fully and do the appropriate steps for you. Linux sound troubleshooting sucks.

Hi rod_stone, welcome to our forums :slight_smile:

First tell us or give us the link on how you did this.

Hi Rod,

As one newbie to another, I found it very confusing that a “master
sound” setting in Pulse Audio for a particular application was only
presented when the application was running and playing material. Check
out the last (all?) tab on the Pulse Audio while Skype is running. My2cw.

Cheers, R

Hi @rod_stone,

see also:


The last URL is the one post before. :necktie:

Hi, all!
Thanks for your responses to my skype sound problem. Around the time of my OP, I messed up my system so bad that I had to reinstall the whole Ubuntu Mate 16.10, so I have a fresh start now and have not as yet installed Skype, so I don’t know whether it works or not, but I am encountering more trouble with my wi-fi. This is WAY more important that I get it fixed. I thought Ubuntu was usable and functional, but it doesn’t appear that user-friendly. Is there a simple way I can just download the driver without having to type the US constitution in the terminal? Perhaps I should start a new thread on wi-fi? My PC is Lenovo G50-45. Thanks.

Hi Rod,

have you run all updates and have you checked in "Welcome > Software > Fixes" for any Problems?:

Have you looked at Control Center > Hardware > Additional Drivers for your WiFI?. :smiley:

I have since bare-metal installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04.01 LTS on my son’s gifted MacBookPro, and Skype and Hangouts/Chrome worked “out of the box” (video and sound). Nice! I suspect that at times my ignorance (especially in the real newbie days, Ubuntu 12’ish) was a handicap that caused me to do lots of conflicting “click and hope” stuff that was very hard to untangle. UM is very slick indeed.

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