No video output on 18.04 Beta on a RasPi 3+


I am currently using an Acer P236H with my Pi 3+ using the armhf beta image, the screen is just toggling between "blue light" (signal) and "no signal". I have also tried it on a regular Pi 3. Any ideas?

The machine does appear to be booting though, I plugged it into my TV and I got the desktop.


I assume you mean that the same happens with the RPi3 as with the RPi3+.
If, while connected to the Acer monitor, you can SSH in to a command line, try tvservice -s
to see what it reports as the connection status - you may need to modify the settings.
BTW how did you get past the initial setup of UbM with the Acer connected?


Yes that's what I meant, happens with both devices. I'll try the command this evening.

I didn't get past the initial setup on the Acer, when I plugged it into the Samsung I had just proceeded with the setup.


do you have any solution ? i have the same problem with a dell monitor 1708fp... no signal, but when i use a video projector, it's working fine