Panel Applets problem

Mate minimum starts with "Indicator Applet Complete". My problem with this is the lack of a date so I deleted it and installed the "Clock" applet. I also added a 2nd Keyboard layout which automatically added "Notification Area". The problem now was the lack of network and Sound applets. I used Tweak to save my panel configuration and went back to "Familiar" then back to my config. This was now displayed over 2 rows with an unknown applet taking up 75% of one row. In "Tweak" I clicked on reset and my panel returned ok with the Sound and Network applets included. I rebooted and the network applet was missing. Using "Reset" in "Tweak" restored Network ok.
Another problem is the workspace switcher not allowing "wrap around" when this option is selected. Various solutions are offered in past posts and one involving gconf worked for me but it would be nice if it was fixed.
From my searches these seem to be an old problems, anybody else affected?

Hi @mdavies5,

you'd better customize your indicator-datetime instead of deleting it. Or, if you don't need custom format, just toggle show-date in the same dconf section.

Good luck

Thanks Ironfoot for your help but I am not sure what you mean by indicator-datetime as I cannot find such an item. I was referring to indicator-applet-complete. Anyhow I followed your link and used dconf to set the default date/time value and then re-installed this applet but it still only showed the time. There was no method toright click and setthe format as the right click only referred to the indicator applet applet not to the clock/network/soundaplets it contains. I should also mention that dconf was not installed by default so this is not a user friendly feature. Strangely when I rebooted today the network applet did appear as expected; thanks for small victories.

Hi @mdavies5,

indicator-applet-complete is a special panel applet that is a container for different system indicators, including network, sound and datetime ones. On the other hand, indicator-datetime is responsible for displaying date and time inside indicator-applet-complete area. Removing indicator-applet-complete from your panel will make the majority of your system indicators disappear. So, don't remove it.
The instruction I gave above works fine for indicator-datetime customization. Please, read carefully and try again.


Thanks Ironfoot, got it all working now the way I like. When using the way I described before the Network applet and the Keyboard applet appeared together in a combined applet but the network applet was temperamental and it was necessary to use Mate-Tweak to switch the interface to famiiar and back to my custom to get it to display. Thanks again for your prompt help

Hi @mdavies5,

it is difficult to understand your current setup, but this

is not intended behaviour. Keyboard is normally displayed inside notification area applet and network inside indicator applet complete. You are probably facing a bug discussed here, which is a reason for temperamental behaviour. You shall not rely on network icon inside notification area applet in your workflow. Once the bug is fixed, it is expected to disappear completely.