Two network icon in notification bar (Ubuntu Mate 20.04)

Hello, I've seen this problem mentioned regarding Ubuntu Mate 18.04, but not about the newest version. It started happening to me when I updated to 19.04, didn't give it much thought because I intended to jump directly to 20.04. But the problem persists.


As the image shows, two Network icons are showing in the notification bar. Resetting the panel did not fix it, neither did restarting the OS. One of the icons seems to be due to "Indicator applet complete" and the other not. I would like to remove one of the two. It this is a known issue I would like to know the bug tracking process.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Can't you just right click on the one not included in Indicator Applet Completer, unlock from panel, and then Remove From Panel?

This will remove notification area applet entirely, not just a network icon. This applet is still used for other legacy icons as well.

Not if it's the separate volume indicator. There's the one included in 'Indicator Applet Complete', and the independent Volume Control applet that can be removed without issue. I just tried it.

I reported this myself, but I can't find my post in the 20.04 Beta thread now. Still I did file a bug report here. Suggest that you add yourself and your issue to it.

If the error is the same as mine, only 1 of the network icons (the slightly smaller one) has both a left- and a right-mouse button menu, as it should. The other one (way to the left) has the same menu for both left- and right-mouse buttons, so the option to unlock/remove is not even present. Removing the other icon, does as you say, remove both, kinda what you'd expect.

I first noticed this 16/4/2020 and I would have expected to see it earlier if it was present, as I had this issue on 18.04, so was looking out for it. 'Course that doesn't tell me whether it was introduced around 16/4, or that was just the date when the necessary conditions arose.


To my knowledge, network manager displays icon in indicator applet complete (default and intended behaviour now) or in notification area (legacy gnome 2 behaviour). Due to some bug, it displays icons in both applets. What looks like independent network applet actually is a notification area applet displaying just one network icon. However, this applet is still used to display legacy icons from programs, which do not have indicator support. For example, notification area is still used to display keyboard layout, Caja is using it to indicate copying process when you have long copy operations, etc. You can see the screenshot from @layingback's bugreport. So one shall think things through before simply deleting notification area applet.

I'm afraid I was totally on the wrong track. You are talking about network icons, and I'm talking about volume icons - my excuse is that I had an issue with 2 volume icons showing up, so I just got derailed.

I will stop trying to be helpful now :grin:

Yes, I can confirm it is exactly the same issue as with 18.04. For me the difference is that it very rarely occurred in 18.04, whereas it usually occurs more often than not in 20.04!

This is exactly my problem, one of the icons has the correct behavior (the one associated with the "Indicator applet complete") and the other has the same menu upon right click and left click.

I've observed that it does not happen every time. More like 70% of the restarts.

Thanks everybody for your answers. I hope we can get to the root cause of the issue!

Same behaviour, also only 1/3 or 2/3 logins this happens.

I also have this problem occasionally.

If all else fails, you can right click the panel then "Reset Panel". You will of course lose all extra icons you added to the panel!. :grinning:

I am using the traditional panel btw!. :blush:

"Reset Panel" did not help me here - the extra network icon is still there afterwards.

The only other way I can think of doing this is to change the panel theme with Mate Tweak (log out and back in again after change) and then change it back again to the panel you want!. :grinning:

Control > Look & Feel > Mate Tweak > Panel.

Hi @maximuscore,

does restarting network manager itself help?
sudo service network-manager restart

I observed this problem in different layouts. Can't see any consistency in this behaviour yet. Please, subscribe for a bug, if you have a launchpad account.


I am using the traditional panel on two computers and don't have a problem with either?. I assume (as was mentioned above) that right clicking one of them and removing it isn't working for some reason?. :grinning:

The problem is that you cannot just remove redundant network icon without consequences, because it is not a separate applet. In both cases it is displayed inside container applet: indicator applet complete or notification area applet. You are able to remove any of these applets from the panel, of course, but they normally display other icons as well.


Upon closer inspection I notice it is just the WiFi icon showing, I convinced myself it was showing two clocks as well for some reason?. I would switch panel style as I suggested above!. :grinning:

The original poster's screenshot shows 2 network (WiFi) icons and screenshot in bugreport shows 2 network (wired) icons and 2 clocks. They originate from different people and both confirm discussed problem.
Switching panel style in MATE Tweak is a selection of some preconfigured panel layout. The majority (if not all) of these layouts have indicator applet complete and notification area applet by default. If network manager registers icons in both applets again -- you see the bug again.


Wolfman, nope. I'd try removing indicator applet complete and then adding indicator applet. Reboot. Or you can just remove the notification area applet for a couple of reboots. Your choice gentlemen...