Panel background keeps reverting

I want my bottom panel background to be solid, but for some reason it keeps reverting to a colour that’s set to transparent. It seems to revert at random intervals and it’s really annoying.

Anyone else seen this issue?

Haven’t seen that happening.
Are you using Ubuntu MATE 16.04?
If so, did you change it to use MATE 1.14 or are you on the default 1.12?

Try and save your panel layout once you’ve set the solid background color.
Maybe it’s reverting because you’ve saved a panel layout previously with transparent color

The default background settings for panel is solid color.

I’m on the standard Ubuntu Mate 16.04, I didn’t even know you could change to Mate 1.14.

I did have a feeling it was possibly because I have previously saved it that way, so I actually have re-saved it with a solid BG before reading this post hoping it fixes it.

I think that’s really annoying behaviour if that is what’s causing it though.

Hi @LiamDawe,

did you try use system theme as well?:

Yes, that is exactly what I have been setting it to @wolfman

Okay, even after saving it to use system colour on reboot it’s still going back to being basically transparent. Really annoying.

Any ideas?

What theme are you using?

And have you installed any graphics card drivers?:

Standard Ubuntu Mate theme, no edits to it.

And yes, I have graphic drivers installed @wolfman

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Okay :thumbsup:, have you done a full system update which also might solve your problem?:

My system is up to date, and yes it is still happening.

Okay, try changing your software sources download location and change it to “Main server” if it isn’t already and do another update!. :thumbsup:

Seriously, I am up to date, that is not the issue.

@LiamDawe Have you upgraded to MATE 1.14? I’ve not been able to reproduce your issue using 1.14. I don’t currently have access to a computer with nvidia GPU, but have one on order that will arrive soon.

Yeah, I used the PPA included in the news post about it, still happens.

I have switched to a different layout to see if I still have the issue, maybe it was a bug in the redmond style layout.

Can confirm: this is STILL happening.
I’m using MATE 16.04, and facing the exact issue mentioned here.

After each reboot (or session restart after logging out) the panels go to a transparent color allowing me to see the wallpaper. What’s more, if I try to save the layout that I want in MATE tweak, after clicking “save” it again goes to the same old transparent setting.

No clue why, and whether any of you have found a fix to it. If you have, I’d love to know.