Panel unclickable on startup with compiz

Hello, I have an issue with the Compiz Window Manager.

When I boot up my desktop, I cannot click mate-panel. Both right and left clicks do not work.

In order to work around this I use Alt + F1 to bring up the Applications menu. From there I can navigate the menu and launch a terminal. I use ps aux | grep panel to find the process ID of mate-panel and then use kill <id> to kill mate-panel. At this point mate-panel will relaunch itself and I can use the desktop as normal.

Currently I am using Compiz due to an issue I was having with Macro. That issue was logged here.

Is there any logs I could provide to help diagnose this issue?

Go to compizconfig settings manager ‘Utility’ and uncheck ‘Workarounds’

See if that fixes it

I’ll give that a try, but did you know of any logs that would detail the issue?

Due to the nature of the issue, it might take a while to verify unchecking Workarounds. It doesn’t happen on every startup, just every so often.

Hi Frank,

no idea, but if it is workarounds causing it, I don’t think it would end up in the logs anyway.

Hello @FrankR. Your problem is similar, if not the same, with the one in this thread: Bottom panel problems with compiz, Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (solved) .
Try what is suggested in post #4. I think this will solve your problem. :slight_smile:

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The issue occurred again today. So the Workarounds in CCSM doesn’t solve the issue.

I’ll try the rc.local solution referenced in the thread @lepa22 provided. Though, the solutions there don’t really answer any questions.

Why is mate-panel unresponsive with compiz? This really shouldn’t be happening and force killing it after boot has completed is a hack. Are there no logs for either compiz or mate-panel that will help look into what is causing this issue?

There are other ways to add delay to the panel.