PC only with Personal folder

My PC is only showing my pessoal folder

Hi @Theup
Can you please tell us more about your issue ?
Providing a screenshot will also help understanding your issue :slight_smile:

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It only appears my personal folder on my desktop.

I dont know if I understand your issue, but if you want to set up more icons on your desktop you can do it inside tweak tool :

Search MATE tweak inside the menu :

Do not hesitate to paste a screenshot for better understanding :slight_smile:

Do your desktop have all like here ?

I mean taskbar, menu, time statusbar, ext ... ?

I think my screen is too small.

Maybe you need to install some graphical drivers. You can try here :

From menu search Drivers :

Or try to change your screen resolution here :
In menu search for Display and try a different screen resolution :

Do not hesitate to share with us a screenshot. We are here to help

I will always send screenshot

How to assess menu If I only can see my personal folder?

If you dont see the menu (that is not normal) you can do Ctrl+alt+T that will open a terminal emulator. Next write there :


It will bring you to mate control center. Next open Display config from here :

Hello? Did u see my question?

Nope, check the topic link :

Hi Theup,
For show more icons on desktop, I suggest you install dconf:
sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Run dconf, and go to: org>mate>caja>desktop
Check or unckeck icons you need. The changes are immediate, don't need reboot.