Persistent USB flash drive?

I do not see a resolution to this issue. I see it was last posted July 17th. On my Dell laptop I have to hit F12 in order to get the boot menu to come up after going to my OS boot settings and allowing boot from USB. However, on a similar note, I would like to be able to save settings to my USB so the next time I do not have to reset everything. Such as WiFi password and sign in to Firefox account etc. There used to be a Linux version that allowed that. Can this be done with Mate?

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You can use Ventoy as well to do so.

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The solutions mentioned may work - not sure really but I have heard of Ventoy as being very good. I used to have Manjaro Xfce, Manjaro KDE Plasma, Ubuntu-Mate, and Elementary, running from 4 different USB thumb drives. It was a great way to learn about the different desktop environments and distributions. There are some security minded distributions that operate specifically from a USB like Tails which might be all you need so take a look at that first. (Secure Your Online Privacy With These Linux Distributions) Also, some distributions like Puppy Linux or Slackware might work from a USB as part of their installation.

Check out this guide on YouTube that might help you do what you want.

Thank all of you for the quick help and response! Puppy was the one I tried in the past and it worked well for a while! But it seemed to me it slowed down after saving the setting a to the usb drive! I like Mate better and am hoping to make that work! I was having issues setting everything for a dual boot so I am currently running a complete HD clone so I can install Mate, but not loose what I have! You guys probably have given me a weeks worth of experimenting! Thanks again