Pi-Top Battery Display

Just loaded Ubuntu MATE onto a pi-top. It works far better than the default pi-topOS, but it lacks battery information. Is it possible to get that somehow?

Pretty great otherwise!

I don’t know what pi-top is. You can try installing acpi and get it thru CLI.

You can add battery monitor to your panel by r-clicking on a blank spot on the panel and going to Add to Panel.

If you want to use the terminal monitor
Ctrl + Alt + t


upower -d

And the are the dconf settings located in dconf editor>org>mate>power-manager.

Thanks! I’ll try that when next I have the time to install again. The SD card I was working with got fried somehow when I tried to apply software updates. :confused: x86 problem?

malwaredpc, a pi-top is a raspberry pi laptop. No cable spaghetti on the table, and you get ten hours of battery life.

Thanx You can try with Gparted to give it a new partition table and it may work again.

It feels easier to just put new images on three or four SD cards and swap them in every time I kill one.

To my earlier mistake applying software updates, it turns out I was supposed to type ‘sudo rpi-update’ instead of a general update.

I tried the upower -d command as suggeted and got nothing. The operating system is recognizing no battery and thinks I’m plugged into the wall. That is probably to be expected since the pi-top battery is a pretty custom thing.