Pi-top ceed and speakers new

I didnt get the speaker to run!!
Its an new pi top ceed with ubuntu mate.
Pi top proto and one speaker is mounted on the magnetic rac.
I tryed to make a work around with all the methods mentioned above:

nothing works.
I think there is basic fault.
Can I reach the raspian config under ubuntu-mate?
May be there is the mistake.

Perhaps you have another idea?
Thank you.

Hi @robinie,

you might be better off asking your question on their support pages as the hardware you have is quite different than normal?:


the pi-top support has no idea. only the old ones.They didn’t support ubuntu -mate.
So I am back here again.
Did anybody has a Pi-top ceed runing with the standard speaker?

Hi @Robinie,

did you ask as to whether or not they supported Ubuntu in the past?. :smiley:

This is the answer of pi-top support:

As mentioned previously, we don’t officially support ubuntu-mate.

So we cannot reference how to get the speaker working.

Once again I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

All the best,

Connor Ballard-Pateman
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On Tue, 17 Jan at 8:32 PM , robinie <[email protected]> wrote:
with pi-top OS the speaker is working.
So I know the speaker itself is o.k. / has no damage.
But for my purpose I need another OS. Ubuntu works, but without audio.

best Regards

HI @Robinie,

you mentioned Ubuntu Mate to them, maybe you should have just mentioned Ubuntu?. :smiley:

Did you get a solution ?
Ubuntu Mate is very popular… this should not be an os to ignore, even by the pitop support…

Pi-top support is not good at responding to queries.
Amongst other things the forum doesn’t seem to be visited, except by users with questions (and sometimes answers, but this is too rare).
I have a Pi-top PC, and find UbMate runs much more smoothly than the Pi-Top OS, but getting the battery state to be displayed is tricky.

Thank you for your response

But is you speaker working the the is you are using?

Kind Regards

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Sorry, can’t help about speakers(s) as I have none -seemed a bit too far to go unless I found a positive need for it/them.