Plans for 24.04 LTS?

Hello friends.

I am just curious what is planned for the next LTS. Are there some new features on the horizon? Some shift towards Wayland? Is there any plan to release new MATE version before Noble Numbat final release?

Many thanks to all developers, I very appreciate your work.


I just heard that no one is actively working on the MATE project right now. ={

Don't worry, none of it is true :slight_smile:


I'm also interested. Will the Wayland stuff be available for 24.04 or do we need to wait for more stuff to catch up?

New versions of MATE are released I saw :slightly_smiling_face:
Will they be in Ubuntu MATE 24.04?

After the latest updates on 24.04 (I'm running the daily build) the MATE version is still 1.26.2

As far as I know there is not yet a feature freeze, but despite that, I guess the chances on getting 1.28 on release are pretty slim.

On the other hand, it could be that in a few month we might get an opportunity to unofficially update to it just like we could with 1.26 , who knows ? :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m hoping for, a “Fresh Mate” situation like we had that time.


I am glad seeing new MATE :+1: And I am looking forward to release notes.


Mate version in 24.04 LTS daily ISO has been upgraded to 1.27.1
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think that 1.27 is a developement version so the release version 1.28 could theoretically well be landing in the final version.


Any Wayland in there?

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Not seen any wayland yet.
Although MATE desktop seems ready for it I also think that implementing it now would be a bit too experimental for an LTS, but I would not be surprised if we would see a bit of wayland in 24.10.


Hi folks, this topic came up in the Ubuntu Technical Board meeting earlier today - @Wimpy can you shed any light on whether the Ubuntu MATE developers are planning to apply for LTS status for Ubuntu MATE 24.04? It is fine if not, but we just want to make sure it doesn't get forgotten if it was planned. Thanks.


Welcome @alexmurray to the community!


@Wimpy is all on NixOS these days. I hope he still cares about Ubuntu MATE. Today MATE development seems to be concentrated on bringing MATE to Wayland.


I hope not, breaks virtually all third part stuff, which is what is helping get Linux into the mainstream.

...MATE 22.04 sa dalo pouzivat 3 dni,potom som to vzdal...skusal som 24.04,ešte horsie...po restarte vzdy sa téma nastavila na defaultné,plank dock uz pri kliknuti na ovladaci je akože vývoj???...

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Hi @lazlo (and your other useraccount @ikx )

Mám mierne tušenie, že problém nie je na strane vývojára:

Používate 24.04, zatiaľ nevydanú, zatiaľ nepodporovanú vývojovú verziu, ktorá nie je vhodná na každodenné používanie (do konca apríla), no stále vás prekvapuje, že máte problémy. Bolo by veľmi užitočné, keby ste mohli nahlásiť chybu pri akomkoľvek probléme, s ktorým sa stretnete.

Spúšťam 24.04 na 3 mojich testovacích strojoch (starých, veľmi starých a starožitných), ale žiadny z nich nemá problém s témou alebo plank, takže to nie je univerzálny (tj vývojový) problém.

Tiež používam 22.04 na mojich iných počítačoch, tu nie sú žiadne problémy, takže je pravdepodobnejšie, že ste niečo pokazili v nastavení.

google translation to english:

MATE 22.04 could be used for 3 days, then I gave up... I tried 24.04, even worse... after restarting, the theme was always set to default, plank dock already when clicking on the control center... is this what the development is? ? ?

I have a slight hunch that the problem is not on the developer side:

You're running 24.04, a not-yet-released, not-yet-supported development version that isn't suitable for everyday use (until the end of April), but you're still surprised that you're having problems. It would be very helpful if you could report a bug for any problem you encounter.

I'm running 24.04 on 3 of my test machines (old, very old, and antique), but none of them have the theme or plank problem, so it's not a universal (i.e. development) problem.

I'm also using 22.04 on my other machines, no problems here, so it's more likely that you have something messed up in your setup.


.ubuntu mate 22.04.4 spustené z live USB,ked nainstalujem,takisto produkuje tuto viacerych notebookov skušané.
.ked nainštalujem tému infinity,po restarte nastavy defaultnu tému plochy.