Printer doesn't print in color

How to debug a problem when printer prints in BW? I wanted to print a photo, I've set Color in Color section, but it continues to print it BW.

Hi Juandev,

what make and model?. Does it have separate tanks for colour/black and is it empty?. :thinking:

Printing colour photos uses a lot of colour and the cartridges empty fast!. :roll_eyes:

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Hello Juandev

I agree with wolfman regarding the cost. It might be cheaper to use an online print service (the kind that exists to make booklets out of your holiday photos), especially if you want a large print. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have HP DeskJet 2130.

Yes it has.

The printer has an indication system when the cartridge needs to be replaced, it is not the case now, the cartridge looks full.

Well, I dont know, where You live, but in my region - Prague, the Czech Republic, its cheaper to print at home. But the main question is, why we are discussing abouth the cost of printing, if this post is about something different?

Have you checked the printer configuration of the HP printer under "Printers" to see if the Printer Properties has ticked "Grayscale Printing" under Media Type in the "Printer Options" menu ?

Just right click on your printer - select Properties - and in the left hand pane you will see "Printer Options" - it's the 4th option from the top.

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