Problem with Caja and file links (file:///...)

Hello to everybody.

I recently had to reinstall my Linux machine, and I switched to Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS. The syncing works like a charm, but the client is giving so, and I am experiencing some (not so minor) trouble: Caja SHOULD manage file links in the form “file:///…”, but they get managed by Chrome instead. For example, if I try to use the ‘Open Dropbox Folder’ command in Dropbox from the tray icon drop-down menu, this program launches a link in the form “file:///media/massimo/Dati/Cestone/My%20Dropbox/”, that in my system gets managed, instead by the default file manager Caja, by the web browser (I installed Chrome instead of the default Firefox).

The same happens when I have to copy&paste a path from the file browser to a terminal: in Gnome I could copy a file from the graphical file manager and paste it correctly in a terminal window, while with MATE I get a filename in the form ‘file:///…’, that I have to manually edit to get in the form acepted by the terminal. Not a terrifying issue, but it actually makes the overall experience definitly less smooth that what I got used to with the old Gnome 2.

Any hint?
Thank you very much


Hi Max,

check your settings per this thread:

The fun thing is that te settings were already as the thread proposed, but after accessing that panel everything works now about Dropbox.
The issue about the copy&paste in the terminal remains.

Thank you very much for your support!

Hi Max,

just to point out that copy & paste should work with the terminal, you can copy a command and then right click your mouse inside the terminal window and then paste, if that doesn't work, click on Edit and then Paste!.

You can also try an update per this guide: