Problem with Disk Space?

I just installed UbuntuMate on my Raspberry Pi 2 B!.. The problem is, it shows that I have a total disk of 3 gb, while I have 16GB on my sdcard. I’m very new to linux and mate… Can someone help me?

You need to just resize the partition on the sd card. use a program called gparted

(i cant remember if gparted installed by default)

How to install gparted

  1. Press F12 to open Tilda
  2. Type sudo apt-get install gparted -y
  3. Press enter
  4. type your password
  5. Press enter
  6. Press F12 to close tilda

Load GParted

  1. Goto System > Administration > GParted

  2. enter your password.

Have a look at this post to get some idea how to use gparted to resize the partition.

also have a look at this