Random colors while playing movies

I installed Ubuntu Mate 14.04 a couple of weeks ago and just recently started using it to watch movies but it’s appearance is very strange, it’s like a small window of the screen is showing the colors correctly the rest is shades of green, red and blue with a wage shadow of another application! Like a gost of a recently used window. I wish I could include a screenshot to better explain this!
I just upgraded VLC but nothing changed.
Note: This ONLY occus with media-playing.
Pleasy help!

This is it

Have you tried the "Additional Drivers Tool"?:

It says I’m using the “X.org X Server AMD/ATI display driver” Wrong driver?

Not wrong per se. But you could try proprietary drivers.

Also, if you get tearing in your video when there's fast movement. You can try different settings. This is the setting I use. (OpenGL GLX Video Output)

If you have the 2nd option like the pic here, go for it, if it breaks your system, see the link about graphics card drivers and the section on how to remove them:

thanks for all your answers but before I tried them I restarted my computor because of all updates and Voila! Everything worked as it should. Something I did I presume but I’m not sure what…

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