Review of UM 16.10

Another solid review for UM 16.10. Yay! :grin:

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Hi @qaztacos,

I installed UM 16.10 and don’t like it, I will only use it to help others on this forum in a test Partition.

Themes are shot (I’m just annoyed because my fav isn’t included!) and a couple of other things bug me about it. Least to say that it is only supported until July 2017 so not really worth worrying about imo. :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, wolfman. I agree. If I’m going to spend time installing a distro, it makes sense to install the LTS version – install it and forget about it. The thing that I like most about Mate is that it’s stable and it just works out of the box. As much as I like tinkering around with it, sometimes, you just have to take the lazy approach and just need it to work so you can get stuff done. :sunglasses:

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Oddly enough; I installed it (16.10- 32 bit )on an old laptop with a SIS GPU hoping it would give a decent resolution but to no avail!:

See also:

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Wait, even after you cvt the resolution and refresh rate you wanted and added its modeline?

I found that in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 I couldn’t get the resolution i wanted for an HDTV attached to my mother’s laptop (my family use it as a media centre) but in 16.10 xrandr seems to just work. This is even from live.

Whatever version xrandr / X.Org is for 16.10, it needs to be backported to 16.04 for me to consider using the LTS version again.