Right Click not responding on root user Desktop

Hi guys.

I quite enjoy having Ubuntu 20.04 MATE desktop, everything work fine except with my "root" user desktop: The right click of mouse is not working on the desktop at all. When I logged in as root on desktop, there's no icon displayed on the desktop and when I right click on the desktop I can't see the menu list. I can change the desktop background picture in "Appearance Preferences"

Right click works on anywhere else like system settings or the bottom bar or even the desktop folder in caja. And it still works fine on the other user's desktop. I tried the instruction on this but it won't help:

Can some one give me some help on this, thank you!

Hi :slight_smile: I have the same issue my side.

To make it work, you can get to mate tweak and check the "Show Desktop icons"


The icons will appear and the right click on the desktop will show you the menu.

Thanks olek, I tried that in MATE Tweak and restart the pc but it won't work. You are right about this function though, I tested it with my other non-root user, it will block the desktop right click and all the desktop icons.

Anyone has any idea what to do when the user's "Show Desktop Icons" option is invalid?

You mean that you are connecting as root user to the GUI and that option do not work ?

Yep, that's exactly what I mean. That option "Show Desktop Icons " is not working on my root user GUI when I logging in with the user name "root".

I tried changing the ownership of /root/Desktop/ and I also tried move the root user's home directory to somewhere else by editing /etc/passwd. But none of them works.
The most recent thing that I tried is to install the Tiger Vncserver on the pc and then tried to remotely logging as root via vnc, but the same error (No desktop icon and no right click menu) is there on the vncviewer's desktop.

Maybe to login as root and try to run mate tweak as root from a terminal ?

Just tried that but login as root on GUI and then start mate-tweak in terminal but still it's not working.
I tried to copy everything form the other user's home directory to replace everything in the root user's home directory, but it's still not working.
Just wondering if there's a way to change the desktop display settings except Mate Tweak.
Thanks olek, I'll let you know if I can find a solution.

Hi olek. I just did a clean reinstallation on my pc and the problem is still there. I downloaded the system fromhttps://ubuntu-mate.org/download/amd64/focal/thanks/?method=direct
Are you using the same OS? Can you try the root login on desktop UI and see if you have the same problem? Thank you.