[RPi3] Install and run on USB flash only?

Hello everyone

I want to install and run Ubuntu MATE from a USB flash drive without a Micro SD card inserted. I can already do this with Raspbian.

I started off by writing the Ubuntu MATE image to the flash drive using Etcher, inserted the flash drive in the Pi and it does not boot.

I then edited cmdline.txt and changed root=/dev/sda2, and /etc/fstab to /dev/sda2 for/ and /dev/sda1 for /boot/. Back in the Pi, still nothing happened.

I then copied the latest bootcode.bin on the flash drive, and tried again. This time the green LED came on and the rainbow screen is displayed. After a while, the green LED flashes 7 times (kernel.img not found)., and then nothing further. :disappointed:

What else must I do to get this working? :wink:

Thank you

Do check to be sure you are using the arm v7 version of 16.04.2 as there are several possible choices for download and only that will work on an RPi. Also, be sure to check the sha256 checksum of your download against the checksum published just below the “Direct Download” and above the Bytemark banner on the Download page.

Thank you for the reply @wh7qq . Yes, I downloaded the correct file, and the sha256 checksum is correct. I am able to write the image to a micro SD card, and install and run Ubuntu MATE from the SD card. I am just struggling to make it work with a USB flash drive :confused:

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