Scale for menu and title bars

This feature will be great for the users that have a low resolution. I did test in in ubuntu unity 15.10 and it's by far the best way to increase the productivity by having a cleaner and smaller desktop. On the other side can help the users that have a hi rez screen by make all things bigger.
First screenshot is with the normal scale of the os

And the other screenshots is scaling down progresive

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That’s a very good reason to use Unity, but how does it relate with Mate?

I’ll soon buy a 2560x1440 monitor and I’ll need a proper scaling. Unfortunately apart from Unity and Gnome (with reservations) there’s nothing compared with Windows, particularly 8.1 and 10. KDE and Xfce come close but you have to go to several places to change different settings. Cinnamon only works with 4k.
The following is from a tech forum: > So I am back at windows… wow… that scaling, that ease of everything and how it simply works.

When someone will say the same about Linux we’ll have crossed a Rubicon.

Apolihron. Is possible do that in Mate
Check this.

Open: Control Center and apparence
Tap “Font” and Details… and you can chaged the Resolution (or scale, I think the translation to spanish is wrong). But there you have the option you want.


That will only scale the fonts.
In Unity the scaling includes fonts, icons, dash, panel, windows, and it will work across most apps, not only the OS.

This feature would be really great to have in Ubuntu Mate

There is some experimental support already in 16.10… but it is really experimental! :warning: :fire:

  1. Edit /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99-mate-environment

  2. Change GDK_SCALE=1 to GDK_SCALE=2

  3. Save and reboot (or restart lightdm)

     sudo service lightdm restart

This scaling works for GTK3 applications. My test found the desktop to be in quite a bit of a mess… like the title bars, huge shadows, other glitches and quirks. :frowning: