Screenlets or other Widgets

I love Screenlets. Will 16.04 eventually be able to use them?
If not is there anything else it can use that has nice widgets?
If not this is a bit of a deal killer for me.


what type of screenlets are you after, the package screenlets isn't supported any more afaik!.

Some work some don't, check out this thread:

When go to the Ubuntu Software center it will show Screenlets.
But when I click on it . . It is not found in my repositories.

I have tried adding a number of screenlet ppa’s as other repositories . .but to no affect.
I have also tried installing from terminal . . with package not found.

Hmmm. What is the proper repository for this?

I have tried this at the terminal:

To install screenlets type the following commands in terminal:-

    $sudo add-apt-repository ppa:screenlets/ppa
    $sudo apt-get update
    $sudo apt-get install screenlets

If you want to enjoy some more screenlets, enter the following command in Terminal:-

    $sudo apt-get install screenlets-pack-all

It ends with:
“Unable to locate package screenlets-pack-all”
Also, the ppa shows up as a source repository.


Like wolfman said, no support for 16.04.

Wait to see when they get a 1604 package out. Last activity was 17 weeks ago, so still an active ppa.

Ok Thanks.
I’ll wait

Hi Edward,

go here and download the binary package, you may have to search for other dependencies on the same site?:

you could also try changing your software sources download location, I had mine set to "Main server" but had to change it to "USA" (don't hold your breath!), as @anon42388993 has pointed out above; you may have to wait as there are many packages missing from the repo's at the moment!:

Screenlets in Ubuntu 16.04
I found it here,there is ppa for Ubuntu 16.04.