Scrollbar Goes Past Mouse

When I am operating within Firefox, and I click to make my scrollbar go up or down, sometimes my scrollbar goes past the location I am holding down the clicker at and further in the direction it was going. What I would like the scrollbar to do when I hold the pointer down in a particular location on it is to have it scroll to that location and then be draggable by the pointer. Occasionally it does this, but often it does not. How can I make it work in this manner?

I was just looking for the same thing on forum and solution described here works for me:

[GTK3: Changing the overlay/momentium scroll bar]

(changing gtk-primary-button-warps-slider = true in active theme)

For the reference, I also had additional problem in FF and few other software where it's easy to miss scrollbar on maximized window, it's like there is 1px right scrollbar padding that doesn't react when you click on it. Also seems a bit better now, but not completely.