Several MONITORS in Ubuntu-MATE 16.04

Hi EVERY-ONE. :wink:
FIST OF ALL… I would like to tell you a thing about my self.
This is just to explain why my writing is not “SHORT & TO THE POINT”.
I got serious ADHD and one topic from that list seems to be avoiding the “Short& to the Point”. Besides not reaching the SKILL apartment because all I READ and STUDIE just don’t STICK. :confused:
I`m now starting up a post that I have tried to produce 3 ore 4 times before in this forum.
I never posted them because of my uncertainty to explaining the issue.
You should also know that this is actually the most IMPORTANT computer issue for me and now I AM POSTING.

  • So just stay with me, the point will be reviled. :slight_smile:

I got three monitor’s, but for the last 6 months I havent been able to use them all in the setting with Ubuntu Mate. Actually the problem started a year ago when I was running Ubuntu Gnome. This was all prier to 3 years in the Linux environment with them all in use. Well.... A year ago I installed "HandBrake", a transcode DVD program from Ubuntu Software Center and the setting with my three monitors went “Haywire”.
For months I was pounded with "ERROR-Messages", now matter what I did and the response from the different forums I posted my problem in where actually more concerned about me NOT being…
YES, not “Short & to the Point” about my problem…
So I did what I have always done when the computer problems are about to TAKE CONTROL.

  • I DELETE & FORMATE my system.
    And so I ended up with Ubuntu MATE and what a RELIEF I started to experience.
    My computer sounded NEW AGAIN and almost every issue I have had in the past where FINALLY feeling historic.
    I did again end up with ISSUES I didn’t get in control off…
    SO to day and after 6 months on MATE Iw “Deleted & Formatted” my disk again and know I am her with a brand new set-up of Ubuntu Mate 16.04. - I will upgrade to 16.10, but just need to fix my “monitor” thing first.
    The TING IS…
    The first time I installed Ub.Mate I were given 2 of my monitors.
    This time I am only given ONE ???


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Hi @SpacePunk,

I hope that the following link is of use to you, get back to everyone if you have further problems and don’t worry about your ADHD, no one will think less of you because of it!:

Merry Christmas to you and your Family. :smiley: :thumbsup:

Hello space punk and welcome. I am afraid I lack the technical experience with this kind of problem to be able to help at the moment. But, I hope others may come on here and be able to provide some assistance. As Wolfman said, don’t worry about the ADHD.

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THANK`s ALLOT WOLFMAN and mostly for your ENCORACHMENT. So hears a :sunflower: for you MY FRIEND.

The thing is: - My new instalment of Mate wont even recognize more than one monitor.
The "Display" only shows one of the three and they are all "hooked up". As they all were before I started the instalment.

This is also a change from the first installation I had with Ub.Mate. In that time the OS recognized every thing.
It even had the names and models for the ones I had connected. But Now......
So as I "tried" to tell in the other forums, I think the instalment of this "HandBreak" did some thing to my graphic card.
I have to go back on this because I got two monitors going with Mate so maybe I am totally wrong in this ?????

My graphic card is a NIVIDA GEFORCE GTX960 and then there is two BENQ monitors with one VGA and one PORTAL CONNECTION. The third monitor is an ACER with a HDMI CONNECTION.

If some one can tell me how I can cheque the Graphic Card and maybe get a new firmware going ??
I can unplug the monitors and then put them back to see how Ub.Mate then reacts.
I could also do a new instillation for Ub.Mate. Witch I am going to because this one relay dosn`t feel right.

  • A BIG THANK`S to Steve Cook for his ENGAGEMENT and hears a :sunflower: for you to.

Regards and Happy-Happy

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Hi @SpacePunk,

Unfortunately, I don’t have Ubuntu Mate now with me to see how it works with me, but I am curious what drivers are you using for Nvidia? Are they free driver or property drivers? In case you may try to switch from one to other to see if there is any difference?

You are afraid, that Handbrake could break your graphic card, I am not sure how this is possible (I am not expert at al :slight_smile: ), but I would just try a differnt distro, or desktop environment to see how your 3 monitor setup works there.
You don’t even need to install the, just boot from live USB and see how it works.
You may try Manjaro, as there is an option to boot either with free drivers or with property drivers. Or try another flavor of Ubuntu, to be sure that it is not DE related or that your graphic card is working properly and there is no hardware issue :wink:

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you :wink:


Hi @SpacePunk,

here is a guide about installing GPU drivers:

Also take your time and read through the update guide in case you haven't done a full update on your system yet!:

Let us know how you get on, I am sure that people will be ready to help you should you have further problems!. :smiley:

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THANKs Im most definitely in good hands hear and I want let you down with this.

AND TO Sevada, hears a :sunflower: for you , for brining me down and just for involving your self.

  • Sevada, you brought in the “DRIVER ISSUE” and were completely right in that.
    This was of course something I should haw mentioned earlier on.

“The Graphic Cards are not the PROBLEM” but this was what I thought for a long time and I just assumed there werent any way to get Nvidias drivers in to Ubuntu…
BUT… this was only until I found “MATE” and it`s BRILLIANT “Welcome Window”.

  • You are hear meet with a “PPA” tutorial, showing you how to install a property drive that even get`s updated.
    So I did and I have run the original Nvidia Drivers al the time that I have been with Mate.
    BUT… two of my monitors are as you know stile black.

As you know I am now running a fresh install with Ub.Mate and that I felt that something is`nt right…
NOW… I have gotten my self a NEW installation DISK with version 16.04.1 on USB, were the “SHA256” checksum turned out OK.
SO… over Christmastime I will COME BACK with a BRAND NEW INSTALMENT of version 16.04.1, were I also have DONE and GONE through all of THE UBUNTU MATE UPDATE GUIDE.



Merry Christmas @SpacePunk. I hope it all works out for you. :smiley:

A couple more links for you:

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I am back with a system that RUN`S SMOOTHLY & CORRECT (for now :wink:…).
Iw done all of the “Update Guide” and all seems to be the way it should be.
I did get “refusal and problems” on the way but just ended up doing a new instalment and after doing this three times it all feel in place. What I did different “I RELAY CANT SAY”, I guess I just updated through GRUB enough times. :confused:

  • Now I have 2 monitors working and I will work on getting the third one back.
    AND ONE question around this matter IS:

  • My Graphic Card (Nvidia GTX960) has three different connections.
    One VGA and one HDMI that now are IN USE and WORKING.
    Further on it has “3 PORTAL” connections and I have tried every one with no luck…

  • Should I get my self a “PORTAL - VGA converter” ?
    I MEAN…
    Is it that Ubuntu has problems with RECEIVING the signals from a Portal connection ??

The only thing that is left for me to do after “The Third Monitor” is issues I already have gotten help for through this FORUM.


:fireworks: Regards and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. :fireworks:


Hi @SpacePunk,

I honestly don't know myself?, maybe one of the other forum members can you there but please start a new thread as I have marked this one as solved!. :smiley:

Happy New Year to you and your family. :smiley: