Slow boot on Ubuntu Mate after kernel update

Since i do the kernel update, i feel the boot of my system very slow
I run ubuntu mate in a macbook pro with a 256GB SSD, as only one operating system in my laptop
it was veeery fast, but now it is very slow

Sorry for my poor english, I am from Brazil, my native language is portuguese

I have noticed the same thing. Since the update, my boot time is now around 5 minutes. It’s ridiculous. I thought is was only me.

Check this out -

Good luck Steve and to Carlos .

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I’m on an up-to-date system, the boot time seems ok, nothing abnormal here :confused:; and it’s about 50 seconds.

I checked that the longest time is taken by Network-manager-wait-online.service, about 31 seconds.

Well at least you can BOOT.
I seem to have lost my startup partition won’t even boot anymore after update grrr.
Running on a DELL precision 7820.