Software Boutique has no listing for any of the categories

Hi, I'm on 20.10 and the Software Boutique is empty. The first screen where it mentions about SB is available, last screen (?) called 'Fixes' is available but none of the categories have anything listed under them. I only get,

Sorry, Welcome could not feature any software for this category that is compatible on this system.

The snap detail is as below,

[email protected]:~$ snap info software-boutique 
name:      software-boutique
summary:   Launcher for the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique.
publisher: Martin Wimpress (flexiondotorg)
license:   unset
description: |
  Launcher for the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique.
  - software-boutique
snap-id:      YaXXC0F47JHW71NlT31UQ2ZYDZ7Vj9l6
tracking:     latest/stable/ubuntu-20.10
refresh-date: 12 days ago, at 11:31 IST
  latest/stable:    0+git.f633ffb 2020-02-14 (54) 16kB classic
  latest/candidate: ↑                                  
  latest/beta:      0+git.f633ffb 2020-02-14 (54) 16kB classic
  latest/edge:      ↑                                  
installed:          0+git.f633ffb            (54) 16kB classic

It's pretty much normal for the Software Boutique to be empty at this stage of development. The listings usually get added during the beta phase, if I remember correctly.

@maximuscore, thank you. I saw a post named Google Earth won't work. The OP stated that he is using the latest 20.10. I wanted to test that and found SB empty. I must have misunderstood; he might have installed Google Earth previously and meant to say kept system up-to-date. :grin:

Hi, Boutique does not have any listing still, while the beta is out.

You can always install synaptic. "sudo apt-get install synaptic". While a bit less intuitive, synaptic is a much better package manager in my opinion.

@jymm, yes agree synaptic is very powerful GUI package manager. I was actually mentioning about lack of listing in SB as a beta testing feedback. :smile:

The QA team are testing all the applications in Software Boutique for 20.10.

In the meantime, you can switch to the beta version of the snap:

snap refresh ubuntu-mate-welcome --channel=beta

Or use the Apt packages from the PPA:

sudo snap remove ubuntu-mate-welcome
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/welcome
sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-welcome
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Thank you very much @lah7. I did snap refresh and it updated ubuntu-mate-welcome to 20.10.0 from stable branch itself.

Just an update on the SB. If I remember correctly there was a complaint here that in lighter themes the contrast of 'Hide Proprietary Software' in SB was bad (light fg on light bg...). That has been fixed in current version. However, the bulk queue counter still has bad contrast (white on light bg). See screenshot below.

I am trying to use as many snaps as possible to test them. Neither a fanboy nor a hater; just curious. Regarding criticism of Chromium snap, I'm on Chromium snap now, haven't had any issues so far.

Thanks, this has been fixed. It will trickle its way through updates soon.


The daily iso's as of 20201011 have a fully stocked Software Boutique.

Thanks for your patience, please let us know if you have issues with installation of any of the software from the Software Boutique

An FYI: we are aware of issues with the following:

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Server
  • KDE Connect Indicator
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