Software updater issue

It’s a very small issue, but I thought I would share to see if it just my machine.

Every now and then, the software updater will appear informing me of updates to download. If I am on, say, Chromium at the time, the updater will appear glowing/pulsing on the bottom task bar. At which point, I would ordinarily click on the software updater tab on the panel, and expect it to maximise. At which point, I would click the download/install button and complete the procedure.

However, what is happening at the moment is that when I go to press the software updater tab on the bottom panel, it is refusing to maximise. The only thing to fix this is to right click the tab and close it. Then, go to the system menu and re-open the software updater. At which point it will open maximised and allow me to complete the procedure.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have the same issue sometimes. I just double-click it a bunch of times until it appears. Seems to happen whenever the window can’t maximise for some reason.

yep, happens to me too sometimes on the laptop (no longer able to use UM on desktop)

when it won’t maximise, i normally update via terminal

I’ve seen this too, although lately I’ve been manually updating before it has a chance to pop up since I’m running 16.04 :wink:

I think it is what was described in this post, too: Software Updater notification behavior


Try setting your software download location to "Main server" if it isn't already and run another update:

Hi Wolfman. It is already set to main server. So, I don’t think that can be the issue

Try changing the download location and select “Best Server” then update again?. :smiley:

I don’t understand how this would be linked to an issue of the software updater refusing to maximise up from the bottom panel. Which is the problem I have.

HI Steve,

I have found that sometimes downloading updates from a different server solves problems, there may be a delay in uploading updates to one update server but another server has already got the bug fixes in its repo!, simple as that really!. :smiley:

Another thought Steve, it might be related to a particular theme you are using, try changing your desktop theme too!. :smiley: