Software Updater versus apt-get

Dear all,

I just ran the Control Center - Software Updater: no updates.
Then I opened a terminal and ran “sudo apt-get update and upgrade” and: two updates (lsb-base and lsb-release)

Is that expected behaviour / normal?
My expectation was (which I was checking), that both would give exactly the same result…

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(I searched the forum, but could not find a similar question)


Yes, perfectly normal behaviour with Ubuntus. I use the software updater daily and run the terminal commands about once a week.

I can’t explain this though. I’m not aware of ever having any problems due to the difference. :relaxed:

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I think it’s different because the Updater app only updates the repository info periodically (daily?), so it won’t find very new updates. The update part of the command is doing just that, so it will find new updates.

Next time try running just sudo apt upgrade first, without the update part, and it should be the same as the Updater. Then try again with both commands: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.


Alternately, it could be linked to this: "Phased Updates".


Thanks for your insights and answers. I read into the Phased Updates now, sorry I missed that, and I will put this in the drawer “expected behaviour” :wink:
@abrowne, Willdo next time and let y’all know here