(Solved) Upgrading From 14.04 LTS to 15.04?

This is somwhat of a 2 part question in regards to upgrades.
As stated. Can an LTS model of Ubuntu MATE upgrade, directly to a mainstream/RC release and gain access to the latest changes performed? Also with LTS build. Do they receive any further tweaks/features beyond just basic, security and package updates? I know that 15.04 has been modified somewhat at the desktop with some new utilities, and clearly, the new Ubuntu base.
Was hoping somebody could help clarify some of this, as I have not found any such information in the documentation


you cannot skip versions unless they are both LTS!, please read this:

Still a bit confused though. Will this just update the backend package base on par to next release(s), or will it grant everything in specific to Ubuntu MATE’s development? I know there are a lot of up front changes in the last few releases here. Not sure if Buntu MATE, like mainstream Cannonical releases have this all on update server to collide present installations.

It will update all the necessary packages and quite possibly refuse to install any unsupported apps you may have installed, for example, Acidrip and Mencoder are no longer supported in 15.04!.

It will not do a development release!, wait 3 days and Ubuntu Mate 15.04 final is due for release!.


The quick and easy way (my opinion) is to use the "Something Else Method":

Thanks for the info, but that is a bit ambitious to do on a per 9 month basis. I suppose I’ll wait for the next LTS.
Would you happen to know if it will provide an official upgrade option from 14.04 to it? Reason I ask is because I heard that the pre 15.x builds are technically “unofficial”.


read the link about upgrading at the bottom!.

An official release is always given as the date when the final is released, any dev versions are still “Official” but not recommended for novices!.