Spanish translation for Welcome


I’m a new Ubuntu MATE user and spanish native speaker. I saw that the Spanish translation for the Welcome app was almost complete, so I went ahead and completed it :slight_smile: Don’t know if it’s the standard procedure, but I wanted to notify it here :+1:


I think @lah7 will be glad to hear this :slight_smile:

Thank you for the contribution! :slight_smile:

Any help, big or small is most welcome. Bear in mind projects are a work in progress, especially with the run up to Ubuntu MATE 16.10 “Yakkety”… So more translations and strings may appear over time. :wink:

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Hi Luke,

will you inform us if there are any changes please, thanks!. :thumbsup:

Transfex sends email notifications when templates change, providing you’ve joined one of the language teams.

Closer to release, we’ll likely put up a notice like last time so that translations can be completed in time for the next release.

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