Special Ubuntu MATE for Raspberry Pi 2 Discussion Area?

I was wondering if there were plans to create an area for those of us that not only love Raspberry Pi 2’s but think the the most awesome OS for General Computing tasks are the Ubuntu MATE OS. If not, why… If there would be no interest in doing so, should I just post questions, comments etc in the general discussion area?

I'm not sure if a moderator or admin of the forums have plans, but it's already been suggested last month:

For any moderators or forum admin out there, It would be awesome. Us RPi2 users are always trying to get the most out of our little devices and discover new things that we can do. Would be a great to have a place where we can post our tweaks, questions and tips to make it easier our our little 'sub-culture' to discuss what we are doing, and even have Wimpy drop in once in awhile to see what we are doing. I myself have gathered and tried and tested little tweaks i've done to Ubuntu MATE on my own Pi2. Great example is some very mild tweaking such as adjusting the gpu_mem setting to give me 128MB of RAM for video. Really has helped out my 2D stuff I do on a screen with a res of 1440x900