Stopped using Mate due to Marco regression

I switched to Gnome because Marco has a regression in the way it handles multi-screen layout.

In the past, it was able to preserve window positions after adding or removing an external monitor.

Now, for instance if you configure a vertical layout (external screen on top of main monitor), all windows move to the top, e.g to the external monitor.
Open a few window on the bottom monitor, then remove the external one and this time windows would have a wrong offset, disappearing behind the panel.

So, every time, you have to rearrange all the windows. Worse, confidential windows may show up to the external monitor during a presentation.

Definitely a show stopper for professional use. What happened? Why did it loose the Metacity capabilities in this aspect (which only gnome-shell, among all DE, handles correctly).

If you believe you have found a bug, feel free to report it on launchpad so that it gets a chance to be examined/fixed. Asking «what happened ?» on this forum in the thoughts and feedback section won't likely help.

Should you want to use MATE again, you can use devilspie2 as a workaround until your annoying bug gets fixed.
This utility allows you to launch windows however you want them, whether it comes to size, location, opacity and workspaces based on the software/window name.

This users seems to have the same problem. You might have more chance with this being fixed if you both report it on Launchpad.

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Hi @Utsuro,

Thank you for trying to help me, but that's not really the response I expected.

Please do not think that I am uninformed, that I have not reported tens of bugs on github (yes, upstream makes more sense than launchpad) for Mate and contributed on Patreon / bug bounties.

Most concerning Marco have not and will not be fixed due to the lack of manpower.

So when I mean to really discuss about it and letting know my feedback, getting some, instead of only opening an issue, I come to this forum.

Oh fine. If you assume it will never be fixed, then why bother reporting it indeed ? Would be a waste of time.
Hope you enjoy the GNOME desktop.

You still get only one part of my reply that enables you to continue to be aggressive and entitled with me, and you ignore the rest about the discussion.

Does discussing it on a forum prevents bug reporting later? Have you actually contributed?

And yes I enjoy the Gnome desktop, thanks.

Nobody is aggressive nor entitled. Sorry if I seemed so.

Sorry for not keeping tabs on everyone I interact with here. I couldn't have known you reported several MATE bugs and participated in bug bounties.

You said that Marco issues don't get fixed due to the lack of manpower, which led me to assume you had no interest in reporting this peculiar bug. Sorry again if I have been wrong about this.

As for actually contributing, I don't know what you mean by that and how it would relate to this topic.

I just hope your bug gets fixed.

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It’s a misunderstanding then, so I am also sorry :frowning:

Anyway as obviously I failed to create a discussion, I am going to open an issue later (next weekend) and will link here.

Thank you :wink:

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