System wide keyboard shortcuts for Terminal

I have changed copy and past shortcuts via MATE Terminal:Edit:Keyboard shortcuts to CTRL+C/V. But it doesn't work in Rstudio Terminal. Is there a way to set them system-wide or override it in Rstudio?

Hi found a maybe

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some shortcuts may differ if non-default keybindings are selected (e.g., Emacs, Vim, or Sublime Text).


Not sure if it means changing the default in Mate Terminal is included in the above statement.
Edit: may have to scroll to top of page


Does it mean that in MATE Terminal, one set shortcuts just for MATE Terminal, while every other command line application, defines its own shortcuts?

Well, I am aware of some shortcuts for their Terminal inclusion. But what is weird, is that the whole Rstudio uses CTLR +C/V, but the terminal doesn't. So I was poking the idea it might be influenced by users PC settings.

Not sure but seems like Ctrl-c may conflict with bash. Not proper terminology but maybe here:
Maybe changing it affects what Rstudio (whatever that is) doesn't know how to handle it. Just a guess.