T480s - Completely New to Linux - A Few Questions

I’ve just deleted Windows 10 from my T480s and installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Reaver) 64-bit instead. There are a few things I’ve noticed which already bother me.

I used to have Lenovo Vantage on Windows 10. The threshold was set to 50% (under 40% till 50%). It stays pretty much the same with Linux. How can I change that?

Is there any way to activate swipe gestures (two, three, four fingers) for managing different windows/tasks?

Bluetooth activates itself after every boot-up. I’ve deactivated it in the auto-start list but I’m not sure if it’s completely deactivated (I don’t need it at all).

The backlight of my keyboard is always turned on (I have to manually switch it off). Is there any way to keep it off?

That’s basically it. I’ve managed to find answers to my other questions via googling (thank God there is a big community which knows a lot).

Thanks for any help regarding my issue(s)!


Please see the following;

Thank you very much! I’ll try it out asap.

A T480s is a dream come true laptop with Thunderbolt 3!

Bluetooth not auto enabling on boot in bluetooth plug-ins settings:

Hope this will be turned off by default soon.

Battery options may be set by entering BIOS too. Search for Energy Management Settings or Active Thermal Management -> Battery in BIOS
It’s possible on Dell laptops via BIOS or Dell Power Manager, so it may be additionally set on Thinkpads too.

With Thinkpads you may try to use TLP and use setcharge command for Thinkpads: