Telegram doesn't connect

I cannot get Telegram to connect. At the bottom panel it is constantly reconnecting without any success. Does anyone know whether changing anything with the connection types can solve this problem? Does your Telegram work well in Ubuntu MATE 16.04? @Alex_G @Sergio_Schneider @johnuren1980 @wolfman
The last post related to Telegram is over a year old so I thought of asking you for advice.

I saw that you participated in another thread on Telegram and Cutegram. Did you make any adjustments to the connection types in the settings? @Josele13

Hi Maro, I downloaded from the official website Telegram, and works very well, you download the compressed package, unzip it and place it in your personal folder, then click on it and installed. But you have to uninstall your telegram totally, greetings …

Thanks for stopping by. I am sure my Telegram installation is good to go. The only problem I have is that I cannot get Telegram to connect properly at my present location. The default way of how Telegram connects to the internet may be restricted. So I am wondering how I can change the connection type to solve this problem.

Hi Maro, when I install Telegram, the program has never asked me about that connection, greetings …

These connection types can be found in the Telegram settings. The only reason I mention them is because my default connection doesn’t work so I hope that adjusting something in these settings may solve my problem.

It works on the same machine when you're somewhere else?

Hi Maro, I have the same connection settings that you have, you try reinstalling again telegram. I suggest that you erase completely and download the app from the website of Telegram. regards…

Yes. Any ideas what I could do?

hi Maro, I have the Telegram on two Android phones and two computers with Ubuntu Mate, it works perfectly and is updated 4 devices all messages are all associated with my phone number, it is rare that do not work, you try closing session and then re-associate your phone number. regards…

Hi @maro,

you could try removing it and then install their PPA?:

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How can I re-associate my phone number when it doesn't connect?

This is good information. I didn't know that there is already a snap package for Telegram. But why is a log-on required to install it?

HI @maro,

I assume for security reasons but that is just a guess?. :smiley:

hi Maro, from Software boutique uninstalls your Telegram, do it like Wolfman says, if you can do so for any problem, download it from the website of Telegram and get off the compressed package. you put the unzipped folder in your personal folder and you click on the installer Telegram, the program, associate your phone number is opened. There is nothing else to do. regards…

Hi Josele13, have you ever fixed the problem mentioned above ?
I'm facing the same issue just as you.
BTW, neither qr code or phone number is disabled to connect for always connecting at the bottom.
Is it just because of the proxy?Have you tried ever?

Hi , I have no problem with telegram, now I use Ubuntu Mate 20:04 and I have installed Telegram from Software boutique and it works perfectly,

Well,i'm from china so i use proxy with qv2ray.maybe it resulted from it.
I'll try it latter .Thanks .

Jose M Reyes via Ubuntu MATE Community [email protected] 于 2021年4月23日周五 上午3:53写道:

I've got the same problem with Viber. It installs but asks me to enter my number. I enter my number and it refreshes, asking me to enter my number.

I'm not sure that this doesn't have to do with the switch in privacy for personal folders...? Anyway, I'd like to use Viber as I did before, but they've got no client that works on their website and the snap that used to work now does not.