Thank you for 16.04!

Just upgraded to ubuntu-mate 16.04. I was planning on staying on 14.04 for ever as it took me so long to configure it all for my uses, but due to accidently writing over the boot sector this weekend I was forced to re-install.

I use my ubuntu-mate installation on a Thinkpad T450s in a research environment (biology/cancer). I had an important presentation today, so me messing up the laptop was really bad timing. However, I needn’t have worried…

16.04 is great. It’s everything 14.04 is and more. Seems to be rock-solid already - never have I used such a refined, honed, reliable OS.

Thanks again for all the hard work.

All best,


Hi D,

for future reference, to keep all your data intact whenever you do a new install; follow this guide:

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Thanks wolfman - that certainly does look useful. I was trying to install ubuntu onto half of my 32Gb usb stick - haven’t had a problem doing this in the past and was very careful to make sure that I’d selected the right drive for the bootloader. This is the first time I’d done something like this on a UEFI system, so I think that’s where it went wrong. Anyway, the laptop afterwards would only boot from the usb stick! And after I tried to fix it with boot-repair, none of them would boot.

Anyway, 16.04 is running beautifully now. Just trying to get the hang of synapse over kupfer (not convinced it’s better yet), and I’ve been daring and switched on compiz, so all is shiny. :slight_smile:

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