The Welcome application, quirks once a fr_FR translation is loaded

Between the end of the bold area starting at "peuvent pas examiner..." and the rest "ce qui signifie que vous devrez".

Here you can see sentences are separated.

That’s a quirk with how the HTML is interpreted. I had to amend some of these for the English (UK) translation.

Noted, I’ll get that fixed. It’s due to a space at the start of the translation string.

I’m trying to correct as many translation errors/typos I possibly can, while also taking a quick look at grammar. Problem is my attention span is not really good. I tend to blank out when I simply read stuff.

@lah7 I have another problem,

In French, I would leave a blank for "utility" ("utilitaire") because I don't need to be as specific as to say "Printers utility". But leaving it blank means it's "not translated". Another way around would be to change the sentence structure a bit, but I'm kind of unable to because of the insertion of "Printers" ("Imprimantes") with the cute icon.

You should be able to type   which is a HTML non-breaking space. It’s the equivalent of leaving a blank space.

Hi Luke,

where does one type that because I have the same as that in the German translation?. :smiley:

Before or after the sentence and connecting to it, or should there be a space before/after it?.

Like this:  blah blah blah,

Or like this:   blah blah blah, ????.

Ah @wolfman, in @Aluxandria’s case, a word was not required, so   would just be a blank space to keep the translation software happy.

In your screenshot (and first post), it’s a HTML spacing typo which causes the text to get squashed up. Don’t worry, that’s an error on my end (appeared on all locales), which has been corrected. :slight_smile:

It was actually because some strings contained a space at the start/end. It gets lost after translation.

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There's a bold string that's inserted in the text but isn't translatable in rpi :
See "...le noyau n'étant pas fait not designed pour faire ceci."

At the bottom of the page there's a space missing between two strings :

In gettingstarted two items appear untranslated :

Yet they are :

:white_check_mark: Added the “not designed” string. Good find!
:white_check_mark: Added missing space.

For the untranslated strings, I see an outdated version of Welcome (by a day or two, the strings have now changed).



the words “(are) not designed” translate directly into French like so:

ne sont pas conçus

I used Google Translate so if its wrong or not what you want/need, its all their fault!. :smiley:

I hope it helps!. :smiley:

Thanks for the fixes.

Yeah it must outdated.
I re-downloaded a copy of the bitbucket repository just a few hours ago though…

In the first screenshot of my previous post I missed the fact that “Compatible” isn’t a translatable string in rpi on Transifex as of yet. (was wondering why I put a plural there for “Incompatible” before I realised)

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Oh god, beaten by Google Translate, I’m a failure :hushed:

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The trick to using Google Translate is not to search using very long strings of words, keep it short; a bit at a time and it does work quite well!.

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