Things that are wrong with the community Follow up :)

Continuing the discussion from Things that are wrong with the community: (Just saw it, and I would like to clarify some details)

Please tell us the names of these YouTubers?

Sometimes a 32 bit version works quite well on a low powered 64 bit machine.

A tad ironic there. Free speech included mentioning that some people like other things. Unnecessarily comparing or shoving things down people’s throats is unwarranted tho, esp if it’s only based on personal opinion.

Devil’s advocate here: Snaps and security is/ was an issue found by a community member. And canonical isn’t without issues either. Pointing them out for people to fix shouldn’t be wrong, or frowned upon.

Please allow me to tag @APolihron

Everyone can and will comment on any subject. It's your ability to accept or reject criticism that counts!