This is my video feedback on moving from Unity to MATE

Maybe it is insightful to some of you. :slight_smile:

10:30 in Video
You have go from “Marco” to “compiz” as windows manager.
(you can do that in mate-tweak)
After that you have to install “compizconfig-setting-manager”
(via terminal: sudo apt install … )

After that you have a new setting menu in your system settings called compizconfig
Under window options you can enable “shift switcher” and instead disable the first one
I think its called “app switcher”.
After that you will see the complete 2D window when doing alt+tab
You can also assign new shortcuts. I like alt+tab for switching windows on current desktop
and super+tab for switching windows on all desktops

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Thank you!

However, is Compiz not about to go away as soon as we move from X to Wayland?

Thus, maybe it would be better to settle on something maintained long-term?

I guess, Marco will be supported by Wayland?

Compiz and Compton will be supported for the life of 17o4. If you seek long term support the LTS releases are supported for three years, 17o4 is supported for 9 months.

Wayland will come, but who knows in what form. There is Xwayland.


I found that if I start Compton manually via compton -CGb from the terminal, then all my shadow problems are solved.

Is there any way to tell MATE to start Compton with those parameters?

A couple of threads about it.

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Thank you! The latter link provides a useful configuration file to try!

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