Translation Guide for

Here are the guidelines for translating

Please carefully observe the following to avoid breaking the website. There are automated checks in place to prevent the site being published if there is invalid data.


  • :hand: Must remain in English. For example, :slightly_smiling_face:
  • :no_entry_sign: Should not be transformed into Unicode. Watch out if you have any browser extensions or software that automatically do this.

Key/value pairs

This refers to text surrounded by a colon. For example:

title: About
  • :arrow_left: The word before the colon must remain in English.
  • :eye: Watch out if double quotes are surrounding the text. This is YAML data and will become invalid if missing.


Please retain the original formatting. Anything with curly braces must be left intact, for example:

[This can be translated]({:.btn}


These cannot be translated. Internal URLs should be left to their original destination.

  • :white_check_mark: /download/
  • :x: /fr/download/
  • :x: /fr/télécharger/

The system will automatically prepend locales and updates links accordingly.

:ok_hand: If a URL to a third party has a localised address, you may change this.

:ok_hand: At your discretion, you may change the Testimonials to quote articles/videos in your native language.

When will the site be synced?

:arrows_counterclockwise: Roughly, changes will be synced once a month, likely near the end of the month. Languages that are over 50% translated will be published, to avoid incomplete languages from having too many English pages. This is just a rough guideline.

Where are the blog posts before 2019?

:wastebasket: These have been omitted, as they double your workload for little value. If you believe we should include older blog posts, please let us know!

Why are some sections still in English?

Some of the data is hardcoded and cannot be translated at the moment:

Status Page Where
:files: Team Roles under the "Notable Contributors" section.
:files: Support The "Problem" column
:x: (Any screenshot) Screenshots showing English text (such as Feature pages)
:x: Blog Posts Comments section


  • :files: This is a data issue, but we might be able to circumvent in future.
  • :x: This is a limitation or too complicated.

If you have any questions, please post in the Ubuntu MATE Community in the Translations category:

If you encounter a bug with the website experience as a result of translations, please raise an issue on the website repository on GitHub.

Thank you for your work! :writing_hand: