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Hello translators! :earth_africa:

The Ubuntu MATE website has had a clean up and re-organisation:

Part of this initiative allows us to add support for translating the website. Currently, this feature is not ready. If you'd like to be the first to know, and are interested in translating to your language, please join the @translators group.

In the meantime, if you're hungry for translating other projects, take a look at the Get Involved → Translations page which lists all the projects that ship with Ubuntu MATE:

Thank you.


Oh i would love to! Sign me up.

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I'm to order. From Uruguay :uruguay:

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but, how to commit my translation?
I will translate this site for all Chinese!

The problem is sloved.thanks.

Translations for the website are now open!

:earth_asia: :earth_africa: :earth_americas:

There is also an announcement (when signed in) that details a few guidelines to avoid the possibility of breaking the website for your visitors.

For any questions or issues, please open a topic in the Translations category.