Translators Wanted - Boot & Installation Slideshow


I did several German translations that were done by people that I think must have used a direct translation with Google translate and I made a few new suggestions myself!. My German isn’t that bad as I use it almost every day although I have been known to be lazy sometimes when talking/typing, I have done my best with the German translation for Ubuntu Mate although it should be fully reviewed by native German speakers from the Ubuntu translation team!. :smiley:


Great to have the right links finally! :thumbsup: Thanks Luke. I notice there is already my language in there already :smile:

One more question: I was wondering what’s the difference between both links?

@wolfman aren’t we all sometimes lazy to talk/write correctly in any language we know something about :wink: Also maybe you could ask in local German Ubuntu community to review it, maybe there are more people there to review it.


Both are identical - a slideshow for normal installations and the Uther for when in OEM mode. I’ve edited the first post.

It should be the folks at Conanical thanked for adding the templates for our flavour :slight_smile:



I have asked a couple of German friends to take a look at my translations but it is getting them to do it that is causing the problem!. :smiley: