Translators Wanted - Boot & Installation Slideshow

Hi translators,

We'd appreciate if you could help Ubuntu MATE become more multilingual for the first boot experience.


This is the boot menu that appears when the CD/USB is booted.

There were no translations for the first two entries:

  • Try Ubuntu MATE without installing
  • Install Ubuntu MATE

gfxboot-theme-ubuntu on Launchpad


The slideshow that plays when the operating system is installed.

The Ubuntu MATE slides require new translations.

Both feature the same content

For those new to Launchpad, it should provide enough guidance and help links. It's what the rest of the Ubuntu community use after all.

The packages may be restricted from editing and be translated in a "review" mode, meaning it will have to be approved before it's included.

:earth_africa: Thank you.

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Hi @lah7,

I just checked on launchpad and they already have 12 German translators!. :smiley:

If you need some German language screenshots for the slide show (pics of the apps themselves) using Ubuntu Mate, let me know, just list them in the order they should be and I will paste them for you!. :smiley:

Another thought!. If you like, you can PM me the text you want translated and I will PM you back with the finished product!. :smiley:

Unfortunately, there is no ability to use translated screenshots. :neutral_face:

I just noticed the first link for the Ubiquity slideshow package is wrong :open_mouth: – It’s been corrected, and that’s where Ubuntu MATE has no translators.

Launchpad can be confusing, but it should be pretty straight forward:

  • Sign up / in to Launchpad.
  • Click on the language or choose the “All languages” link.
  • (One-time) Agree to license translations under the BSD license.
  • Start translating!

Alrighty then, I will take a look later today or tomorrow!. :thumbsup:

In ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-mate under 6 it’s written Say goodbye to searching the web for new software. With Ubuntu Software Center, you can find and install new apps with ease. Just type in what you're looking for, or explore categories such as Science, Education and Games, alongside helpful reviews from other users.

This needs to be updated, while when you’re installing it has already current description about Welcome.

Then it’s 7. Included software

and missing Ubuntu MATE Welcome and move Ubuntu Software Center under supported software.

Under 16.
Shotwell is a handy photo manager that is ready for your gadgets. Connect a camera or a phone to transfer your photos, then it’s easy to share them and keep them safe. If you’re feeling creative, you can try lots of photo apps from the Ubuntu Software Center. Last sentence needs to go.
(btw how do you cross off text here?)

Thanks @ele, changes were already made long ago (as seen in Beta 2).

Launchpad is misleading me! :worried:

I was originally correct that ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu was the package containing Ubuntu MATE’s slideshow, so what on earth is ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-mate ?? :confused: So, sorry about that, I’ve led you to the wrong place. :confounded:

I can’t seem to find any Ubuntu MATE specific translations for this package, but this is definitely is the one used in Ubuntu MATE. Maybe @Wimpy knows?

Hi Luke,

I am not too sure that this Launchpad thing is working, it seems to be not keeping my translations or am I dreaming?.

I couln’t find any Ubuntu Mate template here either?:

Let me know if I am doing something wrong please!. :smiley:

@lah7 Sorry to say Luke, but your updated ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu still isn't the right one as it still include Ubuntu Software Center in translations and no sign of Welcome :frowning:

Hopefully we can get this one for translations[quote="lah7, post:8, topic:4583"]
this is definitely is the one used in Ubuntu MATE.

Also I'm not sure gfxboot-theme-ubuntu is right either :confused: It says it's not translated try or Install MATE into my language, but when testing it with Beta 2 those things are translated and there are also some old distribution in there that doesn't exist any more I think like Mythbuntu (not sure if that makes any difference) but those translations have to be somewhere else then...

This screen needs translations trough and can't find where it is

Hmm, I swear these are the right packages... :confounded:

  • I have noticed ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu is missing a Ubuntu MATE template. I have been told all translations for official flavours are managed under this one package, so let me go prod them with a bug report! :point_right:

  • gfxboot-theme-ubuntu is correct, I can see a "Try Ubuntu MATE without installing" string for English (GB).

  • @ele, translations for that screen should be this Ubiquity package.

I have no idea what this means:

Ubuntu is translated by Ubuntu Translators with Restricted permissions.

It could be in some sort of "review" mode, so it any changes are suggestions for approval later? :confused:

One thing in common... Launchpad is very confusing! :frowning: (I'm not an expert with translations either!)

Yeah I can see that too, but it's strange that it says those are not translated to english

While in UM Beta 2 they are already translated...

Couldn't find anything Ubuntu MATE related by itself ... just the standard stuff that is probably the same for all the distributions and some that was used before, like running on AC power, connect to internet and 3rd option that I forgot.... I did found Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3 and other media and translation to my language, so maybe it got lost somewhere along the way...

gfxboot-theme-ubuntu is this screen when the disc firsts load:

Currently awaiting feedback on the bug report for a translation template for that.

I think the Ubiquity installation is quite generic, I saw:

Translating this would also help other flavours too. :slight_smile:

Hi Luke,

the review situation is there because as I pointed out earlier to you; I’m not a native German speaker and someone should check my translation, it looks fine to me but someone might have a different idea or better sugesstion!.

I will plod along regardless but I would honestly prefer we do this on Transfex!. :smiley:


from what I can tell, “gfxboot-theme” in German is finished!. :smiley:

I can’t find any files to translate on your link?:

Ah ok, there are so many things that it gets confusing...

Yeah I have seen some of those, trough I'm not sure I have seen Download updates while installing in that case, at least quick search didn't show it and don't have time for exploring it more today anyway.

@wolfman those 2 shows for me in German

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Hi Luke,

the 2nd one was already done by me!.

Is the 1st translation supposed to include the link formatting, I assume it is?:

Die offizielle Dokumentation deckt viele der häufigsten Bereiche zu Ubuntu auf. Es ist sowohl erhältlich, oder über die Ubuntu -Hilfe im Systemmenü verfügbar.

or is this correct?:

Die <span class="app" data-app="docs">Official documentation</span> offizielle Dokumentation deckt viele der häufigsten Bereiche zu Ubuntu auf. Es ist sowohl <a href="">online</a> erhältlich, oder über die Ubuntu -Hilfe im Systemmenü verfügbar

Launchpad will handle things a little differently. These packages are maintained by upstream Ubuntu / Canonical, this stuff is no longer specific to Ubuntu MATE or under our direct control. :hand_splayed:

@wolfman, the second one is correct. It’s important to keep code tags, otherwise it removes some of the formatting the developers intended. It’s also one reason why we avoided this for our Welcome application, strings were split up intentionally so you don’t see any coding tags. :slight_smile:

Thanks Luke although I think you should have put something in place of the coding in the Ubuntu Mate translations as it did get a little confusing while doing the translations because of missing words, some things didn’t seem to make sense!. :smiley:

The translations I have done need to be reviewed so they are still showing as incomplete!. I don’t know how long that will take?. :smiley:

Links in the first post have been updated. We now have translations for the Ubiquity Ubuntu MATE slideshow.

I believe an Ubuntu Translators team have access to managing these translations, so the community’s contributions are just giving them a hand.