[Tutorial] - Extract pepper flash plugin v. and above from Samsung Chromebook 2 13 recovery image

This tutorial explains how to get the lastest pepper flash plugin from internet for the raspberry pi 2.

What is the problem ?
Flash support was abandonned by Adobe for linux platform few years ago.
There is only a plugin for Firefox on Adobe web site, but it is an old version (11) and they only do security updates. And there is no plugin for raspberry pi architecture (arm), it’s only for x86 32 bits and x86 64 cpu architectures.
The other way is Google Chrome. Google Chrome contains an up to date adobe flash plugin but there is a problem too, there is no Google Chrome for arm architecture ! There is only chromium and it not have flash plugin !

What is the solution ?
There is a Chromebook (Samsung Chromebook 2 13) which have arm architecture and run under Chrome Os. Chrome Os is based on linux and there is Google Chrome on it with the flash plugin.
So the trick is to copy the flash plugin library our rapsberry pi !

I understand but I don’t have a Samsung Chromebook 2 13 ! How can I do it ?
You don’t need to have one. You can download the Samsung Chromebook 2 13 recovery image from Internet and extract the flash plugin library from it !

Let’s go !
Download the file :

wget https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chromeos/recovery/recovery.conf

Edit it :

pluma recovery.conf

And search for “Samsung Chromebook 2 13”, you will have something like that :

name=Samsung Chromebook 2 13"
desc=Samsung Ares device
hwidmatch=^PI .*

Download the link after “url” :

wget https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chromeos/recovery/chromeos_7077.134.0_peach-pi_recovery_stable-channel_pi-mp.bin.zip

The url will change so you must download and edt the file to have an up to date plugin.

then unzip it :

unzip chromeos_7077.134.0_peach-pi_recovery_stable-channel_pi-mp.bin.zip

Now, we need to mount the recovery image, and we will use kpartx for that :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kpartx
mkdir /tmp/chromeos
sudo kpartx -av chromeos_7077.134.0_peach-pi_recovery_stable-channel_pi-mp.bin
sudo mount -o loop,ro /dev/mapper/loop0p3 /tmp/chromeos/

the recocery image is mouned, so we can get the flash plugin in the directory :

cd /tmp/chomeos/opt/google/chrome/pepper

there is two files there :

  • libpepflashplayer.so (this is the flash library plugin)
  • pepper-flash.info

In pepper-flash.info you have the information of the plugin version :

PLUGIN_NAME=“Shockwave Flash”
DESCRIPTION=“Shockwave Flash 20.0 r0”

copy the plugin to your raspberry pi 2 :
sudo mkdir /usr/lib/PepperFlash
sudo cp * /usr/lib/PepperFlash

You can know install pepper flash plugin in your browser :

Enjoy :wink: