[Tutorial] - Flash Player for Chromium and Firefox

What is your ubuntu mate version ?

I am using ubuntu-mate 15.04

I think you must install 16.04 or 15.10 to have it.

aworan, thanks for your efforts.

I had previously gotten pepperflash to work on 16.04, but that OS kept crashing on me. I then tried using berryboot which offered only 15.04.

Hi Aworan
can this plug-in be used to Freescale i.MX’s Chromium?

Yes I think it would work too.
It would work with all armv7+ CPUs :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:


I redo my Ubuntu Mate again on my Raspberry Pi 3 and now I unable to download the file from the link which you gave.

HI all, i have the last version of ubuntu mate 16.04 with a raspberry pi3. I would like to add flash to use deezer or another website that use flash ! for that i have followed your tutorial but unfortunately it don’t work ! i extracted pepper flash (with the help of your good tutorial) and copy it. Add the plugin for firefox, but it didn’t work, no flash plugin is activated. I have tried to dowload directely with your link but is it dead! Can someone help please ?

Hello. Are there any mirrors for http://dl.free.fr/qVkzvqSiB ? Forbidden link for me, can’t get even with proxy. Thank you.

Hey folks, this tutorial and the link still work, it is not dead, but you can’t just run the command
wget http://dl.free.fr/qVkzvqSiB -O pepper-flash-v20.0.0.228-r1.tar.xz otherwise if will give you a checksum error.

You just need to visit the website the wget points to, http://dl.free.fr/qVkzvqSiB watch one of their videos (fiber optic or whatever the other one is) once you have done that it will give you the option of clicking a blue link , click that and it will download.

Then just move it to your home directory and follow along Aworan’s tutorial, everything including the checksum should be fine. Hope it helps.

I am back I will update the tutorial it don’t work because of number of downloads on the link !
I will upload newer flash plugin too :wink:
For Firefox Adobe publish new plugin for Linux in beta for x86 but maybe they will publish one for arm too after beta :slight_smile:
I have some new ideas too stay tune !

Nice tutorial on the PepperFlash installation for Firefox. Hope this becomes part of the next UbuntuMATE distribution for the ARM platform :wink:

With the “Is Flash Installed” link you can test that Flash is properly installed and working.

@aworan I followed your tutorial and installed PepperFlash on a RPi3 running Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and Chromium 500.0.2661, which was installed as per instructions on this site.

It works but erratically, sound sometimes but no video. Raspbian PIXEL, however, has Flash installed in Chromium and works well. Is there any way to use Flash files from the PIXEL install to get Flash running in UB 16.10 Chromium?

I followed your tutorial and installed PepperFlash on a RPi3 running Ubuntu MATE 14.10 and Chromium 58.0.2661, which was installed as per instructions on this site.

but no sound if i get web radio online www.radioonline.co.id/rri/ use firefox browser, but when use crhomium is OK
, Any idea?

With firefox it use a wrapper (fresh pepper flash) to use the chromium plugin, the wrapper is not perfect so some things will not work.
Maybe you can open a bug on launchpad telling what site doesn’t work and maybe they will fix it.

I dunno if this topic is still relevant… but sorry, @damo-pi-arm, the link simply does not work.

There needs to be somewhere to host this. Because I’m getting this:

File sending service http://dl.free.fr
Too many slots used

Following too many abuses that disrupt the service, it was decided that:
1 download slot / IP / file
5 max slots / IP / machine
(Translated by Chromium-browser automatically)

Is it because free.fr blocks USA IP addresses? (AT&T U-Verse in Texas)… or is it that too many people are downloading it?

But whatever it is, free.fr basically took down your file, man. :frowning: That’s what @Archaeopteryx has said basically. The link does not work for me. Please consider hosting it somewhere else. This is the #1 result in Google and it’s only frustrating to find out that it doesn’t work. Don’t take it too hard, but I’ve nowhere else to look.

The info in this thread is really old. Just follow my instructions for pepper flash and you’ll get the latest version.

Read the following blog on the topicHow to Unblock Adobe Flash Player, they have written very informative blog. They have covered all the prospective on this topic. They have also mention how the error arises and what is the solution of it.

can you get shockwave flash on ubuntu mate raspberry pi 3

It wont work (ex bonk.io)