Ubuntu 16 MATE - UEFI - no bootable medium after install

Hi all,
I’m trying to set up an Ubuntu 16.04 Mate on an Acer E15, with UEFI.
I left secure boot on, I booted from a flash drive and everything went fine.
However, after installing, when I rebooted, I got the message “No Bootable Device”.

Help would be appreciated!

How did you handle the partitioning step?
ie did you use the default "Install UM16.04 next to " or “Erase disk and Install Ubuntu MATE” or did you do a manual install?

In case you went the manual way: did you create an Efi System Partition ?

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I used the default ‘Erase disk and Install Ubuntu MATE’
The installer said it sets up 3 partitions - one for boot, one main and one swap.

At some point the installer asks if I want to install MP3 (and other restricted software), saying that I should check a box to disable safe boot and setup a key. I did that too…

Now I redid the install, and didn’t check that box.
After install, I have a different message:
"Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed
Insert Recovery Media and Hit any key
Then Select ‘Boot Manager’ to choose a new Boot Device or to boot Recovery Media’


when you see the very first screen after starting from your USB stick, there are 2 boot options for Ubuntu, the top one is boot in UEFI mode, the one at the bottom of the list is for "Legacy", did you enable legacy in BIOS after disabling "Secure Boot"?. :smiley:

See the partition guide (part 4) and read the links about secure boot etc!:

Acers are an odd breed of computer.

Anyhow, in your bios,you have to set an administrator password. After you do that, go to the setting of UEFI trusted files (same page, should be enabled now). Click on the button and it should show HDD0. Click enter again and it should show ubuntu. Click enter again and you will see a list of files. Select the one that starts with shim. Give it a name (like startup) and say yes. Click F10 and you should be good.


Great! it means the problem is with ACER, right? I had the same problem and fixed with your orientation.

Sorry for not contributing anything to this discussion but I just wanted to drop in here and say I hate ACER.