Ubuntu 18.04LTS 32bits - freeze and not restart

A problem with UB-Mate 18.04LTS 32 bits was happend with my desktop, simply stopped the work and freeze the window. Normally happens when i’m using 3 or 4 programs (like firefox; caja; and atril) nothig strong or heavy.

I needed to boot the desktop but not start de system and neither Bios test … i tried a lot of solutions and only works when i’d open the case and turn off bios battery in motherboard (ASUS) and restarted.

Well, when im using UB-Mate 17.10 nothing happens like this.

I decided to reinstall UB-Mate 17.10 32 bits until the UB-Mate 18.04LTS is more stable.

(Pentiun4, 4GB RAM, Nvidia FX5700, MB ASUS)

Maybe this can help, just type in the terminal

dconf reset -f /

I’ve resolve lot of unusual things after this command
Good luck!

TKS friend!!! But im already reinstalled UB-Mate 17.10… TKS.

this topic can be useful:

try to find vkareh’s suggestion about dconf tool