Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2

Fabulous work @rohithmadhavan, looking forward to testing the image on my Pi2

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thank you!

can you build Ubuntu MATE for the Banana Pi too? that would be amazing! :smiley:

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Nice to hear that the img is available.
I don’t know for the sound but i guess i can be easily settled with all the community around the Pi.

For the choppy video, was software do you use ? For it might come from the proc as it is not enough powerful.
For example, on odroid C1, we can’t use VLC since it doesn’t support hardware acceleration yet (they are on it).
So we use kodi who fully use it (and it is an amazing software on that kind of computers).

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Thank you so much for the image. Trying… :wink: :wink:

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@Bakaniko Thanks for the suggestions :smiley:
I used VLC for the video playback. I ran Openelec (Kodi) previously on the Pi and it can handle 1080p playback without any issues. In fact, the Raspberry Pi 1 also is capable of the same since they have the same VideoCore IV GPU. You’re right, the GPU is not being used. I will try to look for a solution…

I just found this article:
How to get Ubuntu desktop on the Raspberry Pi 2

I might be an other way to start. I guess some people from here can make test.

This is great, especially as it runs Libre Office. I tried an Odroid last week but couldn’t get Libre office to work well on it, so Maybe I will buy a Pi 2 now.

I am hosting the file. You are welcome to link it if you want. I have a 100Mbps connection.


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I can host the image.


@kkasberg Thank you very much :smiley:
I’ll link it to the topic…

Maybe we should post it on a torrent tracker like this one:

What do you think ?

@Bakaniko There are already a lot of torrent websites where the image is available, but feel free to add it wherever you wish :smiley:

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I have hosted it here. I have unlimited bandwidth, so go for it

thanks for this , really cool alternative to raspbian. Is there any chance of getting the kernel source? I am particularly interested in getting the headers so that I can compile quake3.

Many thanks

@millerthegorilla This image uses a patched version of the Raspbian kernel. The kernel source is maintained by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is available on Github. Pre-compiled binaries are available on this page.

Any one else experiencing lag when using this? Or can i do something about it?

Some lag is normal with a microcomputer.

Though I just set mine up and found the drop down menu to freeze up before I could find tilda. Still pretty wonderful though. I’m writing to you now from a raspberry pi 2 running the above image. Great work guys. I’m going to try to build this out as an edubuntu box for my nephew.

Is there something like raspi-config for this image? How should I get rid of the overscan?

@Daniel_darko If by lag you are referring to menu lockups, then it is a known issue and we are working on it.

@letter_weaver To disable overscan, edit the file /boot/firmware/config.txt and uncomment disable_overscan=1 (line number 10). The changes should be applied on reboot :smiley:

Excellent, thank you.

First of all, thank you for providing support for Raspberry PI 2. This distro look neat. However, there are few things that still bugged me.

I tried to plug in RT5730 wifi dongle in, however it cannot recognize. How to solve this?

Somemore, how is the gpu acceleration progress? Some visual UI shown black because it does not support GPU acceleration. Furthermore, it would be great if OpenGL ES can be use to render video from VLC. And provide support for Graphical effects.