Ubuntu Mate 15.10 Raspberry Pi 2 (Rpi 2) Flash Player

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I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 15.10 on my Raspberry Pi 2 and its great. However there have been a couple of limitations. The one I want to figure out here is how to get flash working in my internet browser. Some of the sites my kids use for homework (www.mathletics.co.nz) are apparently heavily flash dependent. I have scoured the internet (and entered countless terminal commands) and have come across pepperflash and gnash but nothing seems to work. I’m starting to think this is just a limitation of Ubuntu Mate on the RPi 2. Understand its probably not an issue on a proper desktop. Has anybody got this working and if so how?

Help me

I write a tutorial quickly, it will work I don’t have my rpi to test.
Tell me if it work or not !

Thanks so much it worked a treat. I had scoured the Internet and tried so many terminal commands for the last week. Put a post on this forum and got an answer the next day :smile: . So grateful thanks for your help. Now to get Kodi working and ive got a perfect little desktop!

Instead of Chromium, will it also work with Mozilla Firefox? Or is there another alternative to get it working?


I had Mozilla firefox when i entered those terminal commands and I cant see any extension in firefox and i cant use flash websites so i guess not.

What about using GNASH ??

I didn’t get Gnash working in either Firefox or Chromium. But I would still encourage you to try if Firefox is important to you. As per the above i couldn’t get anything going until i got an answer from a member of the community so I am far from an expert.

Thank you for the feedback on this. I have installed GNASH on my RPi 2 B device, and it is working for some of the flash enabled pages and others not.

I used the commands:

sudo apt-get install gnash
sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

Since it does not seem to work for all flash enabled web sites, I'm still searching further for other alternatives...

Hi FaddyAno, how’s it going? As far as I know, Adobe announced ages ago that they would not longer be supporting Linux - curse them. :angry:!! So there’s no way you’re going to get Flash to work on the Raspberry Pi. As far as I know, Gnash is your only option. Flash is so memory hungry, it would be awful on the Raspberry Pi; even the Pi2. Flash has had its day. I wish Flash would disappear and stay that way. Everyone should be using HTML5 - good luck :wink:.

FaddyAno, you mentioned you got mathletics to work. I am facing difficulties: I got Flash to run, I am able to log into Mathletics, select specific exercise but when inside an exercise, the text is not readable (the letters are replaced by crossed boxes). all the animations work nicely, the text is readable on the main menu but not in the exercise. Did you face this issue? Do you have any tips?

Hi carriba,
I think you can have Flash working well on Firefox too.
There is a wrapper from the chromium flash plugin to firefox : https://github.com/i-rinat/freshplayerplugin
I know it work on x86 / amd64 achitecture, maybe you can try ?
It use the chromium plugin so you have to install it before like in my tutorial.

I manage to have flash working on Firefox too !
I am out I will update the tutorial soon !
Stay tune !

I wrote a tutorial for firefox too :

Hi - the link to the tutorial does not work. Has it been moved?