Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is released



went to Mate-Tweak and set to marco with compositing.

Menu translucent-border problem has gone

changed it to Marco-with no compositing. Problem with main menu border has come back, but with black border.


So, it seems that the problem with the main menu is somehow related to how Marco handles it. Hence with either Marco alone, or Marco and my custom Compton configuration, the problem is there. In other words, the common variable is Marco. Only with Marco plus the onboad Compton configuration does it work properly


@stevecook172001 It’s good that you report issues. But I hope you didn’t upgrade your production machine because we knew this was going to be a radical release.

@Wimpy Do you think we can see a return of custom theme colours for Ubuntu MATE 18.04? It’s such a nice feature…:pray:


Aha! So, rendering is all fine using these Window Manager options from MATE Tweak:

  • Marco with Compositing
  • Marco with Compton (making certain your Compton is not running)
  • Compiz



Sadly not, the functionality is simply not existent in GTK3+.


“marco with compton” - this works

“marco with no compositing” - this does not work

I will try the other options now and report back


marco with software compositing works

marco with compiz works

So, it is marco with no compositing or with my custom compton configuration that does not work


@Wimpy OK, thanks for your reply.

Does someone know if a proprietary AMD driver will be available for UM 16.04 and/or UM 16.10?


So, you must be missing some compositing settings in your Compton config. You should find the Compton settings bundled with MATE Tweak work just fine.

The main issue is what rendering features GTK3+ expects to be available. No compositing is simply not an option right now. I’ll have to remove that option from MATE Tweak until such time upstream MATE can figure out a way around that. But Compton and Compiz both offload compositing to the GPU, so no CPU penalty. And if you install xcompmgr MATE Tweak will expose another compositing option :wink:

As for Kompozer, it hasn’t had any development for over 6 years :frowning: Looks like the gtk2 version it is intended to work with is also very old. I doubt it know how to handle dark toolbar themes :frowning:


The onboard compton with marco does not appear to be compositing properly.

Guake is doing fake transparency. I know this is sometimes an issue if it starts too early. The way to fix this is to close and then re-open it. but this has not fixed the problem. See below:


So if you:

nano /usr/bin/marco-compton

You can see how the pre-bundled Compton is configured. See if you can identify what you think is missing. I’d be surprised if something is incorrect, I had a bunch of hardcore gamers double check that config :wink:


With my version of Compton running alongside Marco with no compositing, Guake transparency is working properly (but with a visually knackered main menu). See below:


what the hell!

With my version of compton running alongside marco with no compositing, the main menu is now no longer borked.!


Hang on I’ll reboot and see if whatever the hell fixed it persists


Nope. Spoke too soon. My compton config is not working right. Also, the lack of proper guake transparency seems to have now been fixed with the onboard marco/compton setting foloowing a reboot.

I will take a look at the onboard compton versus mine and see what i can figure out


Firstly, congratulations @Wimpy (et al) for the 16.10 release, and great thanks to you all for your hard work! :slight_smile:

Only got to try Beta 2 couple of days ago on bare metal (non-virtual machine). Just trying 16.10 final release in VirtualBox, spotted a couple of issues (also seen in Beta 2). Hoped for a RC before final, so could report few issues.

Here’s a couple of issues (not sure if you want 16.10 bugs here, or on launchpad?).

Screen capture shows couple of Compiz issues, Control Centre theme issue while clicking away from Control Centre window, also thumbnail (Galculator) shadow issue.

Shame my submitted Compiz thumbnail shadows fix hasn’t been rolled out yet, not to worry! :slight_smile:


@DaveB about Compiz thumbnail border issue, I also encounter that in 16.04, but only when Thumbnail Border Size is small (like less than 8)

Have you tried to set it to max (32)? Cause it works for me.


Hello @Wimpy and the MATE-Team!

I have made a clean install yesterday and i am very happy with it. It runs good (just some little small things).

It’s a great distro and you all did a good job.

Best regards


I’ve identified another, intermittent, problem, at least on my machine. This time with Caja

I opened one of my Samba shares and the scroll bar gets stuck before it gets to the end of the files. This happens around 50% of the time. If I fiddle around with resizing the window, the problem eventually goes away. But, comes back intermittently every time I open a new window with files that run off beyond the windows perimeter. See below:


Also, Cheese is now broken

Removing and reinstalling has fixed Cheese. But, the icon has not installed properly on the main menu. I am going to manually set it