Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is released


RecordMyDesktop, which also broke in the upgrade, has been fixed on re-ininstallation as well



Thanks for your input, I’ve previously submitted a fix, just waiting to be rolled out. :slight_smile:

Looked at changing border size before as a fix, while that method works, it has the undesirable effect of further pushing thumbnails away from the panel, and increasing overall thumbnail size, not so good for small screen resolutions such as a Netbook 1024x600.


I am really disappointed with this new version, what is the matter with those big ugly gtk3 gui controls in the advanced menu, caja, panel and so more, i tried all present themes and no one has given me a good looking gui controls like what i had in 16.04, hopefully i had made a backup of my 16.04 system before upgrading.


I kind of feel the same about 16.10 @Med_Medin - I like the efforts towards the new GTK3 toolkit, but I’m sitting out this release as I just like the look and feel of a (mostly) GTK2 desktop, and it works the way I like it. It’s subtle, but noticeable.


That bad? I didn’t have time to instal it sofar.


Sorry, to ask the question: As quite normal user without greater intention than having a stable OS with a practical DE, I’m now for quite some time on Ubuntu Mate, switching vom Linux Mint.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is working fine me, even a former WiFi- bug could be overcome. My question is right now: What would be the advantage from a user’s experience, if I upgraded to 16.10 and the GTK 3 stuff? Normally, I stick to LTS versions, especially, when they run seemless on my pc. I’d prefer to stick to 16.04 this time, as well. But would you say, there are any scenarios, that might want me to go with 16.10?

Thank you so much for helping me.

Congrats to Ubuntu Mate. It’s really a great DE.



UM 16.04 LTS is great. I really cannot recommend it highly enough. However, like Lah7, I intend to sit UM 16.10 out, at least for the moment. I did actually upgrade to UM 16.10 the other day and it was not a happy experience for me at all. Though, I do accept this may, in part, be due to my particular setup. Consequently, I have reinstalled 16.04.


@HealingCross If long term stability is your primary criteria then 16.04 LTS would be the recommended option. With 16.10 being an interim release it will only have 9 months of support. This release, with the shift to GTK3, is also a bit more profound than normal and as such has greater potential to have little wrinkles that may need to be smoothed out. It’s very early yet but it appears that for some people it’s working quite quite well and others are experiencing some issues. As far as what benefits there are, @Wimpy pointed out some time ago that the goal was to make the changes as transparent to the end user as possible. The difference, from my perspective, is that GTK3 is a little more visually appealing but functionally the two releases seem very similar. A real testament to the UM team’s ability.

While upgrading is certainly an option, I would consider doing a clean install given the greater amount of changes than normal in this release. Leftover config files and such do have the potential to introduce instability. You could also try it out in a VM and see how it works out for you before deciding. Good luck :slight_smile:


I backed up everything to a flash drive yesterday and did a fresh install. After installing the nvidia proprietary driver the panel nvidia applet is not working. I told it to report error and ignore it. The driver is working fine and I could really care less if I have the panel applet. The settings can be accessed from the menu. The only other issue so far is Tilda not being set in startup applications after install. I prefer a drop down terminal. That was an easy fix just added it to the startup applications.

Not a fan of compiz so nothing to report there. I switched to Marco GPU compositing from software compositing, removed the bottom panel, switched to the Greenlaguna theme and used my own picture for the background to personalize the desktop to my taste. Switched the lightdm background to another picture I had and moved the log on menu to bottom center.

First impressions so far is that features to enhance the distro and make it new user friendly have been improved on.

Edit------> OK Firefox is locked to Ubuntu Mate start page. A little issue that couldn’t be fixed using preferences in Firefox or about:config or purging Firefox and reinstalling it. I don’t mind a little branding, but hijacked or hard coded browser preferences are a deal breaker. Below is the solution that worked, but shouldn’t have had to be used. I find one more issue like this and and I will be doing a fresh install with a different distribution.

Solution was ->

sudo apt purge firefox*
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox


The Ubuntu MATE Start page actually has some buggy configuration, which keeps overriding no matter what. This isn’t intended behaviour at all. You can delete these files until the bug is fixed:

sudo rm /usr/lib/firefox/ubuntumate.cfg
sudo rm /usr/lib/firefox/defaults/pref/all-ubuntumate.js


Thank you very much. That was just the answer, that helped me figuring out, what to do, i.e. staying with the LTS. Have a nice week.


Congrats! And great job!


I’m actually thinking about going back to the long term. In addition to corrected browser issue I’m also experiencing lags and momentary freezes. Not sure as to the causes. Nothing I was experiencing with the LTR while running developer options and proprietary drivers as well as development branch of LibreOffice. I kind of think it may have something to do with a few glitches in the migration to stand alone GTK 3.

I will give it another month upgrading and then run a dist-upgrade to see if issues iron out before deciding.


Can’t reproduce the issue with not being able to scroll to the end of the files in Caja, but I have this issue in the Control Center, goes away as soon as I resize the window. Reported as bug 1633658 in launchpad.


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Hi Steve,

Have made some fixes to the affected themes, Ambiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE. Both of these themes seem to work as intended now on Marco with or without Compton.


That’s brilliant work Darryl. Cheers mate. Might give 16.10 a rerun in a VM to see how it is progressing…:slight_smile:


No problem buddy. I take it you’re currently running 16.04? If so are you experiencing any issues with black/transparent borders? I’ve only just installed 16.10 yesterday and haven’t got around to installing VirtualBox to run 16.04 in a VM.


I can say that UM 16.04 is running perfectly in pretty much all respects. It’s just about as good as it gets for a Linux distro. In fact, it is as good as it gets for a Linux distro…:slight_smile:


I love ubuntu mate 16.10